About Bahaar and her Artwork

Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi is a self artist whose works are imbued with soul and passion. She represents a youthful, young voice who may pursued a career as a lawyer for five years with a leading law firm of the country ( Bahaar was a Senior Associate at Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas), but through out remained an artist at heart.

In the five years of work experience, she had been involved in several high stake matters, earned plenty client recognition and also had several publications to her credit. Those who know her well, would describe her as a “Lawyer by the day and artist by the night!” She finally pursued her passion as a full time artist since June 2015 after an extremely successful debut art exhibition.

Bahaar is a fearless and uses a range of different mediums. Each canvas is brought to life under Bahaar's artistic strokes, which are bold, visceral and dramatic. Each piece of art is unique and her style extremely versatile. After years of practicing law, she has developed an innate sense of storytelling through her works.

They say when you reach for the stars, you are aiming to touch the zenith- the farthest point you know out there. In sharp contrast, when you reach deep within yourself and engage with your inner consciousness, you aim for the nadir. Aiming for the stars or looking deep within, is merely searching for the same depth or experience but in the opposite direction. The process and genesis behind Bahaar’s art works has spanned both directions and has been emotionally cathartic. To say that her art works are a culmination of her journey in life thus far; is not understatement but a solemn truth.

Bahaar’s art traverses various boundaries from abstracts to animals and women. Each of the work that she creates takes you into a trance yet leaves you fulfilled with inner bliss. The range of expression clearly demonstrate that her art knows no boundaries, no silver linings yet the recourse to what we face every day is so recognizable. Each of her work is a reflection of her energetic personality, which is experimental and spontaneity.

Truly, Bahaar’s work is truthful and self reflective whether it be an incandescent murmurings from the animals filled with a flurry of colours and quirk, her meditative abstracts which are loaded with texture or the tranquilizing faces.

One cannot think of spoken language to understand a painting, it has to be experienced and Bahaar's works communicates with you effortlessly.


My paintings are an outcome of the marriage of very different disciplines, law and the freedom of an artist detached from straightjacket of definition and boundaries.

While my legal training entailed being unidirectional and concise, often my mind would manifest itself with vigorous intensity leading to abstract expressionism.

I feel often, intentions have little to do with the final outcome of the painting. All the works have a bit of me, my experience, which I am excited to share with everyone. While I love all forms of life and try narrating my experiences or emote through the paintings, an equally important part of my work is transfiguration of the perceived form, almost like deconstruction.I don’t always like being bound by dimensions and hence one can witness a lot of expressionism and abstraction in my works.

Mine is a quest that goes beyond form, yet pulsates with an awareness of a larger order, ocassionally revealing gleaming epiphanies.


Bahaar’s artworks are on display at 86 Sundar Nagar New Delhi.

Please contact Bahaar for viewing the collections, pricing and availability of artwork.

She can also be requested to commission and create a custom work of art.

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